Angler's Mail tapped up our old mate Martin James for insight into sausage baits. He not only likes eating 'em, he fishes with 'em too...


Get on the sausage paste – like Martin James!

‘If the rivers are low I will be fishing the bait without any weight, allowing it to roll down the swim,’ said Martin.

‘This idea is working well on the River Kennet. In fact last Tuesday I even had a mirror carp estimated at about 18 lb.

‘In high water I fish sausage meat paste before I try any other bait. I have used sausage paste since the 1940’s, it’s a bait my granddad used a lot for tench.

‘A good tip. Bait a size 4 hook with a chunk of crust then mould sausage paste around the crust. This will give you a nicely balanced bait which will also counteract the weight of the hook,’ added Martin.