METHOD feeder fishing can be deadly for carp - and these ten tips will help you get the best from the approach.

1) Take plenty of dry ingredients so that you can mix more Method mix together if you have a bumper day on the Method feeder.

2) There are lots of additives to experiment with in your groundbait for Method feeder fishing, from nut meals such as roasted peanut and tiger nut to spices such as chilli powder.

3) Don’t add particles such as hemp or pigeon mix to Method mixes – they dry out and float.

4) If your Method feeder is being rattled around but no takes come, try changing hook baits until you find action.

5) Get into a routine of regular casting, even if a swim is quiet. Method feeder fishing is a busy tactic if you want to get the best from it.

6) Don’t worry about the splosh that a loaded feeder makes when landing; it isn’t perceived as frightening to carp in the same way that a lead crashing in puts them on edge.

7) Tucking the hook length into the Method ball so that just the bait and an inch or two of link are proud of the groundbait can win extra takes.

8) Think about where you are fishing your feeders. They can easily be rolled down steeply shelving island margins.

9) Loaded feeders flatten weed and can be fished confidently in the green stuff, where carp are less cautious.

10) Don’t forget a towel, to keep hands and rod butts from getting absolutely plastered in Method mix.

Moulds have helped make “The Method” neater and easier.

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