MARMITE is a foodstuff that divides opinion. But it can create magic floaters - as explained by Colin Davidson, who writes an inspiring carp column in Angler's Mail magazine.

MARMITE – are you in the ‘love it’ camp?

You could become a fan if you’re a carp angler. Especially if you’ve ever struggled with carp mouthing floaters but not taking them keenly enough to get a hook into one.

A decade ago when I was doing a lot of surface fishing I discovered that a pot of Marmite could help make the difference and pull a positive take or two out the bag on days when the carp were being really difficult.

After mounting a dog biscuit or pellet, simply push it into the Marmite and roll it around to create a sticky yeasty ball.

Too many times for it to be coincidence a carp would absolutely nail the Marmite hooker as soon as it went out, instead of playing daft games like they had previously.

Cheap and deadly, and it works with bottom baits too. Just be careful, this dark stuff is dense and too much on a bait and you’ll make a floater into a sinker!

Oh, and you’ll need a hand towel, you can’t help but get covered in the stuff. As will your reel handle, rod butt, shorts, everything…