ONE knot that Angler's Mail contributor Andy Browne has found to be invaluable when float fishing is the two-turn water knot. Here he explains more to help you....


This knot for attaching the main line to the hook link was originally shown to me by Dave Harrell when we were fishing a match at Evesham years ago.

The old trend used to be a loop-to-loop attachment, but Dave kindly showed me the two-turn water knot which is far more streamlined, strong and more reliable than the loop-to-loop.

Here’s how to tie it…

Water knot-2

1 Take a length of your chosen hook length material and lay about four inches parallel alongside your main line.


Water knot-3

2 Form a small loop with the two lengths of parallel line.


Water knot-4

3 Pass the two lengths of line through the loop twice and moisten.


Water knot-5

4 Pull tight, easing the knot up slowly.


Water knot-6

5 Cut the two tag ends off the knot close to the knot either using sharp scissors or clippers. Now your hook length is attached to your main line and all you need to do now is tie on your chosen hook.