Carper Neil Spooner uses a stick float fixed to the line conventionally like this.

NEIL SPOONER, of Korda, finds an unusual use for an old fashioned stick float. He catches big carp on them – as revealed in Angler’s Mail magazine (issue cover-dated November 1, 2011).

He reads what is happening on the bottom on lakes – fishing close in with a carp rig down the line – by using a stick float lying flat on the surface.

Here, with clear photos to help you if you’re unsure how to rig up, Neil explains the stages in making his rig.

It brought him a giant result at Layer Pits, Essex, when we joined him for Angler’s Mail magazine! So why not give it a go…

Slide two float bands onto your mainline…and push in the float. Easy!

This is exactly how your float should sit, laying flat and set just overdepth.


This could not be easier! Simply slide two float rubbers up your line, attach your float (see pictures above).


I like to use the lightest lead I can get away with to avoid any unnecessary disturbance. This is a 1/3oz GURU lead.

I removed the swivel and attached a Kwik link to a Big Eye swivel instead. I fish it free running to increase sensitivity.

Lastly, a shok bead is placed over the swivel for the lead to safely sit against.


Neil’s complete set-up looks like this – subtle and ready for action. Note the end of the rig… a running lead and a carp fishing hook link.


I use one of my tried and tested carp rigs. This consists of a size 8 Wide Gape-X, an Xtra Small Rig Ring, a 10mm length of Shrink Tube, 5 inches of Supernatural finished off with a size 8 swivel. Follow the photo sequence below if you would like to make a rig just like mine…

Components for the hook link end of the rig.

Slide a Micro Rig Ring onto the hook.

Take a length of 18 lb Supernatural.

Now whip a knotless knot using 18lb Supernatural braid, be sure to leave a couple of inches for the hair.

Tie the hair length to the rig ring using an overhand knot.

Form a loop in the end of the braid to which you can attach your bait.

Slide a 10mm length of shrink tube over the eye of the hook.

Shrink the tubing using the steam from a kettle, be careful not to burn your fingers.

Tie the braid to a size 8 swivel, you want the rig to be around six inches long

The rig is now complete and should look like this.