DANNY FAIRBRASS of Korda one of the fans of bright hook baits – as you can see clearly below.

Danny Fairbrass

If we can seem ‘em, so can the carp! In cold weather when carp slow right down, fish experts reckon their sight isn’t as good, and a dark bait can be missed.

‘The Thorpe Lea carp love a bright hook bait so I’ve chosen to present two different colours – pink and yellow on top of an irregular-shaped bottom bait,’ said Danny. ‘By doing this I’m not placing all of my eggs into one basket. If one works better, then I’ll switch both to the successful colour.’

As always, Danny has presented both baits in a balanced fashion, ensuring that the hook is kept light and as natural as possible. He does this by threading a bottom bait onto a needle, followed by a pop-up – he then begins to trim down with a knife or scissors.

Providing you do it correctly, the bait should slowly sink under the weight of the hook, neutralising that alien, metal weight perfectly. Whittling a bait down will also allow more leakage into the swim. There are a whole host of benefits to doing this.

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