ANGLER'S MAIL is number one for tips and tricks, here's another one from Bill Rushmer. He shows how he makes his own deadbait pike floats...

As a keen float maker, I find making a pike float for deadbaits relatively easy.

And this same process can be used to make your own heavy duty ‘pellet waggler’ floats for stillwaters, and dumpy fast-water river trotting floats too!

All you need to do is follow my simple step by step guide…

Gather the materials. You’ll need:

  • balsa wood dowel
  • a length of brass rod used for welding
  • wire (15 amp fuse wire is ideal)
  • sanding sealer
  • whipping thread
  • bait drill
  • brushes
  • varnish
  • water-based acrylic paints in the following colours, black, white, bright red and green.

Once gathered, drill out the base of the balsa wood dowel and glue, using Araldite, a length of brass welding rod into the balsa as pictured.

Shape the balsa wood body using a sharp knife and then finish off with glass paper.

Now take a length of wire and bend it twice round a cocktail stick to form a ring and cut the stem pieces to size. Now whip the ring onto the brass stem.

Then seal the float with three coats of sanding sealer, allowing each coat to dry before flatting and applying the next coat.

Paint the body and stem with black acrylic paint and the tip with white acrylic paint and allow to dry.

Paint the tip red, mottle the body in green paint. Allow the paint to dry before applying two coats of gloss varnish, flatting after the first coat.