MODERN lure fishing specialists often have their own variations on this one, but it's a lot simpler to get set up than you might think.

Dropshot rig regular user, HTO lure ace Jake Schogler, shared his tips with us for tying what he uses…

“The Palomar knot is a key part of the dropshot rig,” said Jake.

“When tied correctly it allows the hook to stand off the main line at 90 degrees.

“I use a 5 ft length fluorocarbon leader and attach the hook with a Palomar knot, leaving a tag end of around 2 ft.

“I then clip on a purpose-made dropshot weight on the tag end.

“Here’s how to tie a dropshot rig in six easy steps…”



how to tie a dropshot rig-1

1. Double up some line (length depends on how high you want the lure off the bottom) and pass through the eye of the hook.

how to tie a dropshot rig-2

2. Tie a loose overhand knot with the hook hanging at the bottom of the loop.

how to tie a dropshot rig-3

3. Pass the end of the loop over the hook.

how to tie a dropshot rig-4

4. Pull line and tag end, and tighten down the knot onto the eye of the hook.

how to tie a dropshot rig-5

5. Feed tag end back through the eye of the hook from above.

how to tie a dropshot rig-6

6. Place tag end in dropshot weight clip and hook on a lure. Your dropshot rig is complete – good luck using it out there, when you can.

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