LOOPS in leadcore take seconds to splice and will allow you to make your own leaders rather than buying pre-tied versions or trying to tie leadcore to nylon which is more difficult and leaves a bulky knot. Here’s how you do it…

1 Snip cleanly through the end of your length of leadcore with sharp scissors. Pull back the polyester outer to expose around three inches of inner lead wire. It’s easily done with finger and thumb.

2 Snip the wire off, then ‘push’ the bunched up polyester outer back into position so you have a hollow length of three inches of material. Removing the lead wire is fine, leadcore’s breaking strain comes from the outer.

3 Push a fine splicing needle into the fibres of the polyester where the lead wire ends. Don’t push so hard you come straight out the other side. Once you’ve got the tip in, gently push the needle lengthways down the centre.

4 Once the needle has been pushed an inch or so along the hollow centre of the polyester, poke it back out the side of the leadcore and trap the very end of the leadcore in the lip close of the needle.

5 Keeping the leadcore gently between thumb and finger pull the needle back, twisting slightly. You will pull the tag end through the centre of the leadcore and back out the side where the needle was originally inserted. Tighten until there is a loop around 3 mm. Snip the tag end flush to the leadcore. A small dab of superglue might add confidence but isn’t necessary, your loop is safe as houses.