IT'S not been the most fashionable knot for a very long time, but the tucked blood knot is one that a suprising number of anglers swear by.


Not tucking the blood knot is one of the most common mistakes in angling. Practice it at home, the right way, and you’ll have a versatile knot you can really trust.

One Angler’s Mail columnist would often hear anglers in his shop say they have lost a fish with the hook length coming back with no hook, and the line at the end looks like a pig’s tail.

He would give them a length of line nd a hook and ask them to tie a knot.

Their process normally consists of passing the line through the eye of the hook and wrapping the tag end around the main line four times and back through the loop formed above the eye of the hook. Some anglers prefer more turns.

Regardless of how many turns you use, this is an un-tucked blood knot. It is a very weak knot when put under maximum pressure.

Follow the process shown below to tie a correctly tucked blood knot. It’s a reliable knot.

Is it reliable enough for really big fish? We say yes. The Angler’s Mail editor used a tucked blood knot to join line on the rig that he caught a 70 lb-plus river carp.

As with all lines, though, read the packaging to see if the line manufacturer recommends any particular knot.

Pass the line through the eye of the hook to form a loop.


Wrap the tag end four times around the main line.


Pass the tag end through the loop formed above the eye of the hook.


Wet the knot and ease the knot down towards the eye of the hook, which will now form a figure of eight.


Now pass the tag end back up through the top loop. Moisten again and pull up tight to the eye of the hook. Now you have a strong tucked blood knot.


The finished knot should look like this and is much stronger than the un-tucked version.

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