It works for Avid Carp star Ian Russell – it could work for you too!

Ian Russell – cover star!

AVID CARP-sponsored star Ian Russell is widely acknowledged as one of the very best catchers of carp on day ticket waters.

His simplistic but intelligently thought-out approach seems to work wherever he goes.

Angler’s Mail magazine got Ian to take us on a winter carp hunt for the issue cover-dated January 10, 2012 (pictured right).

And as you’ll see from the brilliant Action Replay feature inside the magazine he caught fish to order.

Here, exclusively online, is a close-up look at Ian quickly tieing up his rigs to finish up with what you see above. Follow these steps…

1. Using a baiting needle, a boilie goes onto the loop at the end of Ian’s hook link, adding an Avid Carp Corn Stop below it..

2. Ian sets the distance from hook eye to bait that he wants his hair to be, before he uses the knotless knot method. This is really straightforward, quick stuff when you get the hang of it.

3. A few turns round with the hook link, below the eye of the hook, down the shank..

4. Almost there with the final few turns. Note how those final turns are set.

5. The link goes back through the eye, to have a loop tied into it for connection at the safety lead clip. Here by Ian’s bait, the business end, the job’s a good ‘un!