PIKE wire is essential for constructing pike traces, as even a modest little jack pike will sever through the thickest of monofilament or braided lines with ease.  

Even if other predators such as perch are on the agenda, wire should still be used as you can’t prevent pike grabbing small lures or baits intended for something less toothy!

Wire trace materials have come a long way in recent years. Long gone is the horrid stiff wire of old, which would kink and rust, resulting in drastically reduced breaking strains.

Today’s pike fans now have an impressive choice of materials to choose from with tightly woven seven strand wire being the most versatile and popular choice.

Multi strand wires offer superior strength, durability, and vastly improved suppleness and kink resistance. In fact, the more strands the better.

Wires constructed with up to 49 individual wires are available which are virtually totally kink resistant, and are also extremely soft, limp and perfect for wily crocs that see a lot of angling pressure.

Other wires worth considering are multi strand varieties which have a protective coating, to help withstand damage from all those super sharp teeth. They definitely help to prolong the life of a trace and are far less prone to kinking.

Carboflex, made by Fox for example, has a coating of carbon, making it super tough.

Middy manufacture an excellent kevlar coated wire which has a lower than average diameter for its breaking strain, making it tops for delicate presentations.

1. It’s easy to see why wire traces are essential for pike fishing – just look at all those rows of razor sharp teeth, 700 odd in fact! Monofilament or braided lines, regardless of the breaking strain, are useless when confronted with such a formidable array of teeth and, even if pike aren’t your intended quarry, wire should always be used when fishing with any type of lure, live or deadbait.

2. The most popular pike trace material among today’s pike anglers is the seven strand variety. It has impressive anti-kink resistance and suppleness and it can be crimped, twisted or knotted. It’s always a good idea to make regular inspections for any damage. Any frayed wire should be immediately binned. For the ultimate in suppleness and kink resistance, spend a few more quid and invest in a spool of 49 strand wire.

3. Generally you can expect a degree of damage to your trace after a couple of fish, but coated wires prolong the life of a trace. A coating of super tough carbon makes this Carboflex by Fox a durable trace material. It has impressive anti-kink qualities, resists tooth damage and can be crimped, twisted and knotted. It’s a good all-rounder and is ideal material for constructing lure traces.

4. Middy Tec-Core multi strand pike wire is a tried and tested favourite and has been a popular seller for years. The strands have a Kevlar coating which helps considerably with prolonging the life of the trace. It has an impressively low diameter compared to many other coated trace materials and excellent kink resistance.