HOW to make boilies is explained by Bill Rushmer, a long-time contributor to Angler's Mail.

Simply follow Bill’s step by step guide on how to make boilies and you’ll have a fruity bait that fish cannot resist…


Firstly you need to gather ingredients: soya flour, semolina, eggs and smoothie. Normally I go to a health food shop to get soya flour but I have just found it in my local Tesco Extra store.

Break two eggs into a bowl and pour in about half a bottle of the smoothie and stir in. I particularly like the strawberries and bananas version.

Add a 50:50 mix of soya flour and semolina, adding a little at a time and stirring it in.

Continue adding the mix until you reach a consistency where you can work the full mix by hand to produce a stiff paste.

Roll into balls (I don’t like mine too regular in shape) and place in a strainer and into boiling water for about three minutes.

Remove the boilies from the boiling water and dry on kitchen towel. I then freeze them, ready for use.

If you follow these simple steps on how to make boilies you’ll soon have yourself an irresistible carp bait that will catch you lots of fish, like the carp Bill Rushmer’s holding below…

Bait guru Bill Rushmer admires an impressive common carp from the River Thames.

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