HERE'S a cheap and easy way to make your own brilliant fruit boilies to help you catch carp... but don’t be surprised if you attract chub, roach, tench and barbel too.

This method to make boilies utilises a smoothie drink, rather than fresh fruit, making it a quicker and easier process.

Simply follow these steps…

1 You will need soya flour, semolina, eggs and a smoothie.


2 Break two eggs into a bowl and pour in about half a bottle of the smoothie and stir in.

3 Then add a 50:50 mix of soya flour and semolina a little at a time while stirring it in.

4 Continue adding the mix and work it by hand until you produce a stiff paste.

5 Roll the paste into balls. Then place in a strainer and into boiling water for about three minutes.

6 Remove the boilies from the boiling water and dry on a kitchen towel. Then freeze them, ready for use.