FRUIT boilies have long been popular, but we bet you have never tried this variation, made by Bill Rushmer using one of his favourite recipes.

Fruit boilies shown here are made by Bill with Angel Delight. Follow his clear instructions and give them a go, as a change to your normal offerings…

1 – The ingredients you’ll need are: large eggs, strawberry flavoured Angel Delight, supermarket food strawberry flavouring and a 50:50 boilies base mix.

2 – Break two large eggs into a bowl and whisk them.

3 – Add 20 ml of the strawberry flavour and whisk the mixture.

4 – Add the contents of a packet of Angel Delight and stir in.

5 – Add the base mix a little at a time and use a fork or whisk to mix in. When it gets too stiff for the whisk or fork to continue mixing, keep adding the base mix but mix in by hand.

6 – Roll the paste into a big stiff ball. You can now, if you want to, use the paste on the float in close as it makes an excellent stalking bait.

7 – To turn them into boilies, roll the paste into a sausage and then into balls. I used an 8 mm rolling board to produce a mini boilie but you can make any size of boilie you want.

8 – Boil the baits for three minutes and then take out and dry on a kitchen towel before freezing.

9 – I normally use my mini boilies on a hair-rigged size 14 hook and fish them with a short 4 in. trace to a small Method feeder.

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