QUERIES that are most commonly asked are examined by Richard Holroyd, who handles many of the essential instructional pages in Angler’s Mail magazine.

Fishing questions come in every day from Mail readers,  but there are always some that are more popular than others.

To answer readers’ fishing questions fully we draw upon the vast knowledge of our extensive team of experts.

But there are some queries, mainly due their popularity, that are, it’s fair to say, looked at in greater detail. They can require three or four pages of text and illustrative photographs to be able to give a full explanation.

It is not always possible to answer every question, but we do our very best to do so.

In no particular order, here are some of the more popular questions…

Which swim – and why?

Whether you are fishing a commercial, large lake, reservoir, canal or river, which swim to fish and why is a question that we get asked a lot.

Swim selection is critical and can make all the difference between blanking and having a bumper day on the bank.

Setting up in the wrong swim and not catching can really knock the confidence, so it is important that, mainly through watercraft, anglers understand the key fish-holding areas.

Click here for great advice on picking swims on commercial waters.


How do I create a wormery?

Even with all the accessible, manufactured baits on tackle shop shelves, we still get lots of questions about natural baits.

The best ways to hook maggots, how to make maggots more attractive, how to keep them for longer and how to use bloodworm are all common questions. But perhaps the most popular question of all is how to create a wormery?

Bill Rushmer answered this in detail a while back with a step-by-step on setting up your own wormery. Such is the demand, we’ve put the sequence on the Angler’s Mail website >> here.


How to unhook and care for fish?

More so than ever before, we get lots of fishing questions on how to handle, unhook and return fish safely so that they go back unharmed.

With all the fish care products, unhooking mats and tools now available, there’s no real excuse for anyone mishandling fish on the bank.

Gone are the days of fish being sprawled out on hard surfaces. Everybody needs to care for their catch.

Unhooking pike also comes up a lot during the colder months – click here for a useful instructional sequence.


How much and what to feed?

Kick-starting a swim by getting fish to feed in and around your hook bait needs careful consideration.

Feed too much and you could easily fill the fish up before they’ve had a chance to take your hook bait, feed too little and you may not attract them in the first place.

There are also times when it’s wise not to feed at all!

Another consideration is selecting the right feed that has maximum attraction.

How much and what to feed is right up there as being one of the most popular questions.

Read more about this topic here.


Identifying fish

We get lots of fishing questions on how to identify catches.

In particular, how to tell species apart including chub and dace, roach and rudd or crucians and brown goldish.

We also get lots of questions regarding hybrids and which species can hybridise.

If you have caught what you think is a super specimen, of any species, we can get an expert to assess it from your photos. Try and take photos from a good selection of angles.

Our newsdesk is at this email address: anglersmail@ti-media.com

What rig to use?

The best rigs to fish for particular waters, species or seasons are, as you’d expect, are popular questions.

We’ve worked on our underwater rig diagrams in the magazine this year to make them more life-like to help you understand how they work.

We’ve also gone into more detail with how to construct them. Continue to send in your rig questions and we’ll continue to do our best to illustrate them as comprehensively as is possible.reel

What can you tell me about this old piece of tackle?

From old minnow traps to threadline reels and vintage split can rods, we get many inquiries about old tackle. Many people want to know their worth too, of course.

Matt Sparkes has answered many of these questions in AM over the year, and even those that don’t make the mag, he tells me he tries his best to reply to readers personally.

Catch bigger fish

Lots of anglers want to up their PBs and this is reflected in the questions that Angler’s Mail readers send in.

We’ve got a great team of specimen anglers in the weekly Angler’s Mail magazine. They are only too happy to divulge their top tactics to help you can bigger fish when you’re next back on the bank.

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