CHICKPEAS can make a brilliant alternative bait, and they're cheap too. Try preparing them the way Bill Rushmer suggests here...

Chickpeas, and many seed baits, make an excellent alternative bait to boilies, but many fisheries ban their use, as some anglers use them prepared incorrectly.

This has resulted in fish deaths, as the undercooked bait has swollen in the guts of fish and has split their stomachs open.

If your fishery allows seeds and nuts, then I’d advise you to follow my simple step-by-step guide to preparing chickpeas.

They are a good size for hair-rigging, cheap and relatively easy to flavour.

Now here’s how I go about prepping them…

Gather your ingredients: chickpeas, flavours and safe food dyes.


Take a container and pour in water, flavour and dye


Add your chickpeas and THEN LEAVE TO SOAK FOR TWO DAYS. This is critical, and you must not take short cuts.


Place contents in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Leave it to simmer for at least 20 minutes.


Poor into a strainer to remove excess water. These baits can now be frozen for later use if necessary.


Here’s a chickpea cut in half to show how well the colour and flavour has impregnated the seed.


Fish the bait hair-rigged, just like a conventional boilie.

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