LOOKING for a quick fix with rod-bending carp... nothing serious? Then read what Angler's Mail contributor Matt Sparkes has to say, and go and have some fun!

Your typical commercial pool will usually have such a healthy stock of hungry mouths and plenty of action, especially during the warmer months, is a dead cert.

They are the venues to go to if your fishing time is restricted to just a few hours after work – especially if you want a good bend in your rod!

Obliging little carp such as this bristling common (above) are pretty easy to tempt in warm summer evenings.

The trick is to quickly scan the water on arrival to look for signs of fish activity.

It’s incredible just how quickly these fish can home in on your bait and bites can come within minutes.

Sometimes they’re on it seconds after making your first cast – such is their eagerness to hoover in the grub.

Nothing gets a greedy little carp more excitable than a mouthful of pellets.

Presentation couldn’t be easier, simply present one on a hair or the quicker option is to use a bait band.

You don’t need to go overboard with how much you take with you either – a kilo should be more than enough for a few hours fishing.

When time is of the essence, I like to be fishing as quickly as possibly.

Trudging down to your swim with loads of gear is unnecessary on venues where simple tactics can score well for a few stolen hours fishing.

I have a small tackle box, especially for short sessions, loaded with all the essentials needed for catching smaller sized carp.

Taking only the minimal kit will get you fishing far quicker – and the trek back to the car is a doddle too, of course!

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