THIS Angler’s Mail article by match fishing star Kieron Rich will help you enjoy a large haul of silver fish using maggots as feed and hookbait.

Using these five top tips, you are almost certain to catch more fish on your next outing.

Top Tip 1 – A size 16 Kamasan B610 is Kieron’s hook of choice. They are barbless which speeds up the fish catching process. “It’s a relatively large hook, but the fish on rivers don’t seem to mind as they have far less time to make up their mind when taking bait passing by them!”

Top Tip 2 – Gamakatsu G line 0.12 mm line is what Kieron uses for his hook length material and he uses a 1 in. hook link so he can shot down to the knot with No.8 extra soft ZLT shots.

Top Tip 3 – Leaving a short gap between the bulk shots at the base of the float allows the float to float on the strike and creates a more direct connection to the fish

Top Tip 4 – It’s vital to learn how to hold the catapult and the rod as the same times as you feed . This will speed up the fish catching process no end!

Top Tip 5 – If you come back with chewed maggots and no fish, then alter the depth and the shotting until you start to connect again. The fish may well rise up off the bottom.


After a maggot fishing session for the Angler’s Mail cameras, Kieron poses with a terrific catch of dace and chub going well over 20 lb.


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