THE warmer weather that's finally arriving will trigger a lot of fish into moving around and feeding. So read on for some carp tips to help you get them in your net!

Even though the temperature outside is now rising, it is still very noticeable just how few fish seem to be getting their heads down in venues much deeper than 10 ft plus.

Shallower venues always seem to wake up first when it comes to bottom baits and this has been quite apparent.

So if you’re planning a session right now, and over the next few weeks, what should you consider? Try these five things for starters…

5 quick carp tips to remember this springtime

1. What depth?

When fishing deeper venues, try and work out the depth that the fish are feeding at. Quite often fish will be showing, but have no intentions on venturing to the bottom to feed.

2. Fresh weed

Look for fresh weed growth, as these areas will be visited by fish regularly due to the sudden influx of natural food that they provide.

A whittled down zig, used by ACE and Dynamite Baits consultant Mike Hamer.

A whittled down zig.

3. Zig it

Zig rigging is now an extremely popular method of fishing and many fish are wising up to it.

It can massively pay to try something very different, whether it be an usual coloured piece of foam or randomly whittled boilie.

4. Sharp hooks

Zig rigging can be hugely rewarded, but frustrating at the same time.

Due to the nature of it, hookholds can be light at times and can see many fish come adrift.

Super sharp hooks to drive the hook home should the fish mouth the bait.

5. Bubblers

Keep an eye out for bubbling fish when you’re watching carp top.

The chances are that if bubbling isn’t apparent the fish are feeding off the bottom.

This is when you know that you need to start zigging!

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