SPLIT SHOT can baffle many anglers, especially in their early years in the sport...so if you have any doubts read on...


Split shot come in different sizes to help you balance floats precisely, but to get the best presentation it is vital to understand the value of each shot.

Here’s a guide to the weight of each individual shot to help you load floats correctly.

LG = 3 gr

SSG = 1.6 gr

AAA = 0.8 gr

BB = 0.4 gr

No.1 = 0.3 gr

No.4 = 0.2 gr

No.6 = 0.1 gr

No.8 = 0.06 gr

No.9 = 0.05 gr

No.10 = 0.04 gr

No.12 = 0.02 gr

No.13 = 0.01 gr

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