HERE is some useful advice to help you attach fishing line onto your reel spool correctly...


The last thing you want when attaching new line to your spool is a bulky knot. It will affect the way in which the line is distributed on the spool, resulting in an uneven line lay.

You also want to tie a knot that doesn’t keep slipping as you begin to load up.

An arbor knot is by far the simplest knot to use and is great for thicker braids and monos.

1 Pass the line around the spool.

2 Use the free end to tie a basic overhand knot around the main line.

3 Now tie another overhand knot in the free end of the line.
This is to prevent the line slipping through the first knot.

4 Gently pull the knot tight so it lies snugly at the base of the spool.
Trim the tag end flush to the finished knot.

5 Even tiny knots can affect line lay when using ultra low diameter lines
on very shallow match spools.  Use insulation tape for these situations.
White tape will give plenty of advanced warning when it’s time to change your line.
You can easily see it through the coils of line when it’s running low
and it’s time to strip down and re-spool.