THERE’S been huge advancement over recent seasons in the variety of baits and baiting tactics used to encourage carp to feed hard. Gary Bayes and the Nashbait crew came up with Soluballs – a new twist to help improve flexibility in your baiting situation when relying on boilies as your key feed. Here’s what they’re about…

1. Based on the same manufacturing as ball pellets, which fell from favour slowly after their launch in the 1990s, Soluballs are a round, heavily compressed boilie pellet. Unlike the ball pellets of yesteryear, which contained little of any food value, Soluballs include 40-50 per cent of the same ingredients that you’d find in a quality freezer bait, giving you a fast breakdown feed that dissolves to leave a food and attractor in your swim.

2. Available in 18 and 24 mm, Soluballs are a dry feed that absorb water quickly when introduced to a swim, expanding and breaking down in 15 minutes at summer temperatures. They work best on a ratio of one-third quality boilies to two-thirds Soluballs. Gary Bayes tells me he’s noticed how even when the broken down feed from a Soluball has been eaten, carp return to look for more, much more so than with stick mixes and groundbaits.

3. The Nash boys have found the largest Soluballs can be fed up to an incredible 130 yards with a slingshot, treating them exactly like small groundbait balls. They also go from a throwing stick up to 100 yards, or catapult long distances accurately. As they are lightweight, swims can be topped up with minimal disturbance, giving the user tactical advantages when tackling cagey fish.

4. Carp like soft, easy food, and I’m confident Soluballs encourage more confident feeding in the same way that washed-out or rehydrated boilies do. Adding a few to cobweb bags along with whole or broken boilies gives you a high-attract trap that resembles a pile of baits that have been around much longer than they really have. Where birds are a problem over baited areas Soluballs also see feathered pests give up when they’ve broken down.

5. Soluballs are available to match many of the popular Nash freezer and shelf-life recipes, including Scopex Squid, Scopex Squid Red, Amber Strawberry, iC-1, Mach-1 and, in the classic range, Scopex, Tutti, White Chocolate, Shellfish and Strawberry. Whilst I’m sure most of the interest will be from existing users of the Nashbait range, I’m sure a few Soluballs in the swim will be an advantage, whether the boilies you are using match the Soluballs you are using, or not.

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