WHAT to make a good paste bait for barbel? Angler's Mail guru Bill Rushmer particularly likes Richworth XLR8 flavour with their K-G-1 boilie mix as in his experience it tends to give instant results.

The following sequence will show you how Bill makes this deadly paste bait….

The simple ingredients are: eggs, Richworth K-G-1 base mix and Richworth XLR8 flavour.

1. Plain and simple, these are all the ingredients you need.

2. Break an egg into a glass bowl and whisk it well with a fork.

3. Add 2 ml of Richworth XLR8 flavouring per egg and stir in.

4. Add the base mix a little at a time. Initially mix using a fork then by hand.

5. Continue to add the base mix until you have a thick paste that will form into a ball.

6. When fishing with the paste I prefer to present it moulded around a cork ball.