CASTERS can be a brilliant bait - often overlooked these days. Angler's Mail contributor Dave Coster explains why the darker 'shells' can be so super...

CASTERS that float are often thrown away by anglers. I used to do the same before I discovered a way to make them sink – and a lot more attractive to the fish!

I was pumping some expander pellets one day, just after riddling some old maggots, and suddenly I got the idea of testing the floating casters left on my maggot riddle in my pellet pump.

I placed them in water, the same way you would with pellets. It took a few good pumping sessions before the casters absorbed enough water to sink.

I then discovered you need to keep them immersed in water, otherwise the minute they dry out they float again.

Pellet pumps don’t just have to be used for pellets!

The great thing with pumped dark casters is they sink very slowly, being perfect for catching fish like chub, roach, rudd and dace on the drop, or when fishing shallow.

They are also very good if you feed them in groundbait for bream, especially in an open-end feeder.

Because these casters are so light they waft up off the bottom very easily, which often excites fish into a feeding frenzy.

Another big bonus with these pumped shells is you can flavour the water they are in, so they take on some of the flavour as the moisture is sucked in.