EVER used prawns for fishing bait? Here's some bait advice from Duncan Charman, now a regular contributor in Angler's Mail magazine.

Prawns are widely used, especially by perch anglers during the winter… but how many of us use prawns for other species?

I know how good they are. Being a keen eel angler l will always have one rod with a big cooked prawn hooked directly onto a size 4 hook that can be hidden within.

The amount of carp that pick up this bait is incredible. I remember one session when l tried using small pieces of prawns for the big roach.

Float fishing in the margins, l loose fed broken up bits and hooked the same on a size 14 hook only to be beaten up left right and centre by specimen common carp, whilst carp anglers around, mostly using boilies over pellets, watched in amazement.

Prawns aren’t just good for carp, tench and bream, all species will happily pick one of these up, and it’s not just on stillwaters that they are effective as river barbel and chub also love them.

Any angler brave enough to experiment will certainly be onto a winner.