ANGLER'S MAIL is No.1 for fishing tips and tricks! Here's another great tip from Dave Coster... for powdered pellets!


Many fisheries insist you use their own feed pellets, which is understandable in many ways, but you often end up having to use very bland and pale looking bait.

However, it’s very easy to spice up such feed pellets, providing groundbait is allowed on the fishery. All I do is wet my feed pellets very lightly with just enough water to make them sticky.

I then add a big handful of groundbait and shake them in a bait box (with a lid on) for 30 seconds. This covers all the pellets with a dusting of groundbait, which sticks to them well if you let them stand for another ten minutes before use.

The end result is feed pellets that send off a trail of fish attracting particles as they sink through the water, a trick that is particularly deadly for bream and carp.

You can also colour the pellets by using a heavily coloured green or red groundbait, to give them even more appeal.