ANGLER'S MAIL is number one for bait tips and fishing tricks! Here's another one by Ian Welch.

The use of milk proteins, such as casein, caseinates and lactalbumen, in baits is largely forgotten these days but they remain amongst the most effective of all cold water attractors, particularly for chub and barbel, both of which will pick up a milk protein offering when all else fails.

There is no need to get bogged down by research chemistry, enzymes and complicated formulae, as many anglers did when milk protein baits were originally developed.

Simply make up your usual cheesepaste mix (as pictured above) but add a little more liquid than usual – either a liquid attractor or a little water – then simply stiffen it to the required consistency with some Nutrabaits Hi Nu Val powder to give it a real milky boost.

Although boosted milk content baits are perfect for cold water fishing you will find they are highly effective all year round with chub in particular having an irresistible urge to eat them.

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