ANGLER’S MAIL is number one for all fishing tips and tricks! Here’s another one by Ian Welch.

Increasing numbers of anglers are now becoming aware that counter-balancing the weight of the hook to make your hook bait behave more like your free offerings is a great way to increase the number of bites you get but few are actually going as far as camouflaging the hook itself, yet this is another great way to stay one step ahead, particularly in clear water.

Enterprise Tackle manufacture hook skins designed specifically for this purpose and, being buoyant, they also neutralise the weight of the hook too; their rubber worms, with added scent, do the same job too but with enhanced attraction.

There are, however, other alternative strategies and even though my hook bait is usually hair-rigged I will slide a caster shell, dead maggot or piece of chopped worm up the shank to break up the hook profile.

The only important fact to remember is that whatever you choose use to mask the hook should not be able to slip and impede the hook point or be so large as to impede the all-important hook to bait size ratio that is so important in ensuring fish are pricked.

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