FISHING BAITS don't have to be new and manufactured - here's an idea from Pete Reading... it may get you using wheat as bait.

Fishing baits hemp and casters is a great combination in many rivers for both barbel and chub.

Casters are quite an expensive bait though, so why not give wheat a try as a fishing bait?

If you include a half a pint of wheat for every four pints of hemp when you boil it up, you produce a mix that contains lots of tasty pale grains that mimic casters very nicely. And you can cut down on the amount of casters you use.

Wheat is a very cheap and under-used particle bait, and when boiled in the same pan as hemp, absorbs all the flavour and oils from the hemp.

Barbel and chub love it, but you need to be careful not to overfeed as it is quite filling.