Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard carefully selects stand-out products every week, and he was impressed by the Trakker RLX Combi-Chair. Check out his lowdown here…


THIS is a clever chair design from Trakker. You can convert it from a standard, but comfortable padded session chair to a low rider, by folding the back legs in, or use it to stay level on a sloping bank.

You can also use it as a bedchair seat in its low rider format but there’s another very clever bit.

You can take the nice chunky padded outer mattress off if it starts to rain, to reveal a quick dry lightweight rain proof cover underneath, so you can leave the chair out and put the padded cover under your shelter. Then pop the padded cover back on afterwards.

You can also use the padded cover as a separate guest seat.

It weighs approximately 4.7 kg all in, has adjustable front legs with mud feet and a steel and aluminium frame.

The Combi-Chair straps closed too and even comes with ‘eyelets’ for adding a carrying strap and throwing it over your shoulder.

It’s another simple, but very practical product from the team at Trakker and it gets my vote.

Price: £84.99.