Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard carefully selects stand-out products every week, and he was impressed by the Trakker Pureflo Bait Filter System (17 litre). Check out his lowdown here…


THE  Pureflo Bait Filter System from Traker is  designed to make the use of baits stored in liquid, much more user-friendly.

Invented to be used with one of Trakker’s 17 litre Square Containers, the ‘Filter System’ is a cleverly moulded inner bucket with holes in the base.

You sit it fully inside the 17-litre container before you add your bait, liquids, warm water or additives. For glugging or soaking its best to actually add your bait first, before any liquids and oils.

Once you are happy that your bait is ready – mixed, glugged or soaked, you simply lift and twist the inner Bait Filter System.

By twisting it 90 degrees you can stack it, suspended over the 17-litre container to allow the liquid to drain out inside.

Whether it’s a spod mix, particles like hemp, glugged boilies or pellets, rehydrating air dried boilies, washing out a few boilies with lake water or preparing pellets with water it’s all made simple and mess free with this system.

It also allows you to bait up or spod without getting plastered in feed. And retain all that attractor packed liquid left behind safely, for reuse or freezing.

Another bonus with this double-act is that it’s completely airtight with a lid, so it won’t spill in transit if you prepare your bait at home.

And if you only use half your particle feed, you can pop the lid back on and pop it back in your freezer for the next session.

It’s a simple and effective system and Trakker will sell loads. Look out for it this month.

Price: Bait Filter System 17 ltr – £15.99. 17 ltr Square Container – £8.99.