Angler's Mail features editor Richard Howard reveals some top spring fishing tips to put a chunky carp or two on the bank.

NOW can be a tricky time on the bank but the spring fishing tips outlined here can turn your fortunes.

It’s hard reading what’s going on under the surface. But there will be life down there and it will be coming out of its winter slumber.

Follow these six spring fishing tips and you could soon be putting another ‘double’ or  20 lb carp in the net…



Choose a swim on the bank that gets the sun, it’s a very good starting point.

Any increase in temperature from the suns rays will not only stimulate weed  growth but also draw fish like carp to the area, keen to recharge their batteries if they’ve been inactive.

New shoots and plant growth on the bank is a promising indicator.

Small bags-1


Fish for one fish at a time, giving them a small parcel of attraction, whether it’s a PVA bag, or something like a  paste wrap.

The theory is if you draw a carp to come and take a look, you want it to pick the hookbait up whatever you decide to go in with.



Personally I prefer natural baits wherever possible, if I’m not likely to get troubled by nuisance fish.

If a small bunch of live maggots is getting too much unwanted attention, try a bunch of dead reds over a PVA bag of dead reds.

Adding a dusting of krill  powder to your maggots whilst they are still alive is a good tip to add attraction to feed and hookbaits.

Pieces of worm, in a small bunch, can be a great hookbait too or pieces of prawn dried in a popular carp groundbait, if you want to add them to a PVA bag.

If nuisance fish are still an issue boilie pieces over boilie crumb can be a useful combo.

Bug indicator


If you go down the naturals route,  and you’re fishing at fairly close range opt for a nice running leger rig, a sensitive set-up with a light  bobbin.

So if a roach or perch  hangs itself you know about it and don’t waste valuable rod hours, waiting for a carp take that’s not going to come.



I like to fish scaled down, it’s one of my top spring fishing tips before waters warm up.

A size 10 forged hook to a low diameter 8 lb nylon hook length line or 15 lb braid will land fish over 20 lb on balanced gear.

That’s what the nice mid-twenty common above, tripped-up to, on a 1.75 lb test curve rod.



Keep those eyes peeled on those warmer days, for signs of life.

A  couple of patches of bubbles, even out in open water is all you need to give the game away and pinpoint some catchable fish.

And once you’ve found one, several others can follow if you note the spot and can get back on it.

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