Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard carefully selects stand-out products every week, and he was impressed by the RidgeMonkey Connect Combi Set. Check out his lowdown here…

SUCH a simple idea. RidgeMonkey have taken their Sandwich Toaster and developed it into a simple and clever Connect Combi Set.

Larger in size with the detachable handle removed, it measures up at around 275 x 230 x 70 mm.

One side has a traditional deep frying pan, the other a four- section ‘breakfast’ pan. So you can have your eggs, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms etc cooking in separate compartments.

But it gets better… thanks to the unique hinges, the pans can be detached and used completely independently. So if you have a double burner you can cook up more food at the same time. Alternatively you can use the ‘other section’ as a lid to retain cooking heat, moisture and flavour.

The pans are made from diecast aluminium, with a non-stick coating, the removable handle allowing easy storage.

A great idea – and knowing RidgeMonkey there are plenty more gems to come…

They’re likely to hit the shops late February, RidgeMonkey are advising you pre-order one from your local stockist to avoid disappointment.

Price: £32.99.