The Sonik Armatek60 Brolly comes under the beady eye of Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard. He's the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week.

SONIK are confident that they have reduced the time it takes to set up a brolly-style shelter by at least 50 per cent with the release of their top-of-the-range Armatek60 Brolly.

I am impressed with the quality of workmanship that has gone into this versatile brolly, which is packed with features and sold with everything included, rather than needing extras.

Setting up like a brolly, it’s spacious with a flat back frame and space saver compact hub inside giving it that roomy feel.

Protected by 20,000 mm waterproof-rated Armatek material over an 8 mm fiberglass frame, a unique Tri-pole clip-in support system provides the extra support, tension and rigidity that you need at the front, doing away with the need for extra storm poles or support bars.

Once you’ve set the height, it is all ready to go for future sessions, allowing an erection time of just ‘a couple of minutes’, report Sonik.

The shelter comes with a clip-in vapour guard, to help reduce condensation and provide overhead storage, which doesn’t need to be removed when you pack away. There are also some clever storage panels, which attach to the support bars on the sides, and can also stay attached, so that they’re ready for your next trip.

The brolly comes with a large, adjustable rear vent, to allow air flow, and removable, wet weather spacer bar vents, which I think is another clever idea.

The system can be used in ‘brolly mode’, offering plenty of cover during overnighters, but a zip-on front panel offers extra protection, which can be unzipped from the centre, to provide a panoramic view of your swim. The panel also comes with mozzy windows.

There’s also a two-way letterbox design, and removable door with clear, green and mozzy window panels, which can be configured by zipping in the two that you’re most likely to need. It’s very adaptable.

Anglers will also appreciate the front raindrop guard, reinforced areas where they are most needed, taped seams and the elasticated storm seals over the zips.

It weighs in at around 13 kg, but in brolly mode it’s nearer 6.5 kg.

It comes complete with a quick-erect pole, an HD clip-in groundsheet, a groundsheet separator bag, HD pegs and an oversized compression carrybag complete with full-length zip.

Price: £399.99.

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