Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard focusses on the extensive Kodex Karp-Lokker luggage range – an array of products designed for discerning carpers and specialist anglers. These items are packed with features, and you’ll find everything that you’ll need for carrying your tackle, from holdalls to wallets and cases, and they are all compatible, helping you to maximise storage space.


Karp-Lokker HR3 Padded Rod Holdall

and HR1 Padded Sleeve

Description: holdall and sleeve for carrying made-up rods.

Padded Rod Holdall specifications: holds three 12 ft carp rods and reels; three zipped, fully padded compartments; an outer pocket and Velcro fixing, for holding a landing net pole or fourth rod; super-tough, 840-denier material construction; adjustable padded carry strap and lift handles. Dimensions (LWD): 195 x 26 x 19 cm.

Padded Rod Sleeve specifications: takes a 12 ft carp rod and reel; 840-denier material; fully zipped and padded; adjustable padded shoulder strap. Dimensions (LWD): 196 x 23 x 4 cm.

My verdict: I like the padding on the holdall, as it prevents your rods and reels from clonking against each other when in transit. Each has a separate compartment and zip, so there’s no chance of your lines tangling with each other.

It’s a simple, smart-looking, well-padded rod holdall that looks as if it’ll last, thanks to the 840-denier material. The well-padded Rod Sleeve will allow you to carry a choice of made-up rods, whether you’re float fishing or legering.

Prices: Rod Holdall £79.99; Padded Rod Sleeve £34.99.



Karp-Lokker K3C Chair/Accessories Bag

Description: a bag for storing chairs and accessories.

Specifications: 800-denier material with an internal hard base, for stability; zipped main pocket for storing a chair; large outer pocket for nets; additional pocket for accessories and bait; carry handles and fully padded shoulder strap. Dimensions (LWH): 67 x 24 x 62 cm.

My verdict: if you’re travelling on public transport, or fishing with minimal kit, with just a chair, a spoon or pan net and a few accessories, you could get most of your gear inside this bag, apart from your rods. Putting a muddy chair into this bag will prevent the inside of your car from getting dirty.

The bag zips up, and can be carried by hand or over your shoulder. It will take any of the Kodex chairs, such as the Robo, Karpmate, Kushy or Serenity, as well as a lot of the other designs.

Price: £49.99.



Karp-Lokker KL3 Padded Accessory Case

Description: padded accessory case.

Specifications: 840-denier material; well padded with a transparent, zipped top; contains three compartments that

are fully padded, but they can be removed, to leave a 4-litre-capacity case; fully compatible with the Karp-Lokker Barrow Bag and Carryall. Dimensions (LWD): 25 x 17 x 9 cm.

My verdict: I can see this being a very useful case, as it will take care of your essentials or slightly more bulky bits of kit that don’t quite fit in your tackle box.

You might even choose to keep PVA bags, club books and tickets underneath the removable inner, to keep them dry.

I like the clear lids, too, as they enable you to check what’s inside quickly.

They would also be a good choice when you want to travel light, when doing a bit of floater fishing, for instance.

Price: £14.99.




Karp-Lokker Rig Wallet

Description: a wallet for

ready-tied rigs.

Specifications: fully zipped wallet with ten clear pockets that can be sealed; hard-wearing, 840-denier material; belt loop. Dimensions (LWD): 22 x 18 x 2 cm.

My verdict: this rig wallet is great for short sessions, especially when roving or stalking. Each rig is protected, staying dry until needed. It’ll attach to your belt, which is ideal if you’re travelling light, or it can be slipped into another luggage item easily, taking up hardly any room. It is ideal for storing carp or barbel rigs, or any other species-orientated rigs.

Price: £9.99.



Karp-Lokker KL40 Carryall and KL90 Barrow Bag

Description: bags for carrying tackle.

Carryall specifications: 840-denier material; 40-litre capacity; spacious inner compartment with a pocket; front pocket; mesh pocket with elasticated cord tensioner; hard base; adjustable padded shoulder strap; padded handle. Dimensions (LWD) 40 x 32 x 40 cm.

My verdict: last month I covered the larger 90-litre Barrow Bag, complete with two fully zipped, padded front pockets; a padded main lid and top pocket; two side mesh pockets; lift and carry handles; and a detachable shoulder strap.

I can see that the KL40 version, its smaller cousin, will swallow plenty of tackle required for day sessions, utilising the decent-sized front pocket and the spacious pocket inside. The hard base adds protection from wet banks.

Invest in a Kodex Eazi-Carry Strap and you can carry the KL40 and a chair on your back, to free your hands for rods and bucket. Smart!

Prices: Carryall £59.99; Barrow Bag £89.99.



Karp-Lokker MRX Magnetic Rig Case

Description: rigid rig case with zips, a magnetic hook holder and mesh pockets.

Specifications: a compartment for storing rigs, which come with magnetic hook holders, securing pins and measurements down the spine; five inner mesh pockets for storing terminal tackle; 840-denier material construction. Dimensions (LWD): 36 x 14 x 6 cm.

My verdict: magnetic strips are an interesting concept for holding hooks on a rig board, the other end of the hook links secured by pins (20 are supplied). I’d like to think that these magnetic strips help hooks retain their sharpness.

The measurements on the spine are useful when tying rigs to specific lengths. The boards are a decent length, keeping rigs of up to 10 in. (25 cm) under tension, ensuring that the hook link material is kept straight.

The mesh pockets are a good size for holding spools, hook link materials, hooks and other end tackle items.

Price: £22.50.

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