The Baitcraft Insecta Bait Range comes under the beady eye of Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard. He's the No.1 product inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week.

Description: insect-based carp bait.

Specifications: made with insect meal; no eggs or fishmeal.

Boilies: freezer baits in 12, 15, 18, and 22 mm sizes; tough coating; soft centre; dark brown colour. Shelf-life boilies have minimal food-grade preservative.

Spod Drops: odd-shaped 6-8 mm sizes; blast frozen for freshness.

Pop-ups, Wafters and Hardened Hookers: 16 mm high-attract, super-buoyant pop-ups; added attractors and taste enhancers; air-dried; same flavour as the boilie range; perfectly rolled; Hardened Hookers are tough and last up to 72 hours in the water.

Cow Cola: a thick, pungent liquid containing the same boilie flavours; high-attract additives; PVA friendly.

Stick Mix: packed with high-attract, active ingredients; produces a steady release of particles in the water column; a mix for PVA sticks or bags; supplied in 5 kg bags.

Trigger Pellets: 4 mm pellets coated in Cow Cola; can be used straight from the bag; breaks down quickly; high oil and protein content; designed for PVA bags or spod mixes.

Trigger Juice Bait Spray: same flavours as the boilies; contains liquid attractors and sweeteners; designed for hook baits, pellet feed and PVA bags; leave it to soak on bait for ten minutes; PVA friendly.

My verdict: bait expert Josh Jackson is the brains behind this interesting new range.

Josh wanted to steer well clear of fishmeal and eggs, as he feels carp become wary of them, both ingredients commonly used in carp bait.

Fishmeal is also becoming more expensive, due to overfishing. He also says that eggs give bait an insoluble skin, and that egg white hinders digestion.

He reports that insect meal is fairly new in aquaculture and the bait industry, and that its amino acid profile is comparable to fishmeal. Carp also love to eat insects.

This extensive insect-based bait range features different hook baits, feed, attractors and boosters.

I like it because it is different and is based on natural food.

The Baitcraft team says that it is “nutritious, attractive, soluble and highly digestible”, and that “carp want to eat more and more of it.”

I’m keen to see how well it does over the coming months.


Prices: Boilies and Spod Drops from £47.50 for 5 kg; Wafters and Hardened Hookers £5.99; Pop-ups from £5.75; Cow Cola £9.25; Stick Mix £24.95 for 5 kg.

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