Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard carefully selects stand-out products every week, and he was impressed by the Prologic Last Meter Mimicry 3D Rig. Check out his lowdown here…


FOLLOWING the success of Prologic’s Mimicry 3D Camo Line with its broken outline and ‘random shading’ comes a whole range of carpy terminal tackle products. They’re along similar lines or should be say ‘broken’ lines.

The Last Meter Mimicry 3D rig accessories are finished in their Mirage pattern, which during testing has offered the most concealment, in everyday fishing situations.

As well as individual components there’s kits too, all designed to ensure your end tackle is concealed.

The Mimicry Semi-Fixed Rig kit can be fished fixed or running, with a lead drop-off option. There’s a Mimicry Safety Leadclip, Distance Leadclip – complete with metal arm rather than a plastic one so it can hold bigger leads, plus a Flat Leadclip kit, the latter for use with a speed link that can be locked in with a pin.

You’ll also find Anti Tangle Tail Rubbers (10 cm) with a short length of anti-tangle tube built-in, great for ‘naked set-ups’, Naked Chod Rig Systems, Chod Drop-off Lead Sleeves, Helicopter/Chod Buffers, long tail beads for increased grip called Grip Tail beads, Line Aligner Sleeves and more.

There are some interesting terminal tackle product here and it’s all just been launched.

Price: £2.99-£5.99.