A THREE-HOUR drive to a new venue was road miles well spent for David Crouch as it resulted in this monster mirror carp of 53 lb 4 oz.


David, from Macclesfield, Cheshire, explained: “ I had never fished Cambridgeshire’s Greville Lake before, and, finding on arrival only six other carp anglers on the 72 acres, I had a vast choice of swims.

“I settled on a spot 80 yards out at the back of a large weed bed fishing in 16 feet of water, with the surrounding swims dropping off sharply to 25 ft and more.

“I baited with 20 Spombs of CC Moore XXX and used 12 mm Red Northern Specials hookbait but balanced out and fished on the bottom.

“The take was fierce, nearly pulling my rod from the rest. I could tell straight away that this fish was altogether different.

“I was quickly into my chesties and down into the water. It felt and looked massive in the net.

“An immense male carp, a real brute of a fish, and we all stood in awe of him,” he added.

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