Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard carefully selects stand-out products every week, and he was impressed by the CC Moore Liquid Foods. Check out his lowdown here…

THESE three brand new gems from CC Moore are guaranteed to boost attraction in your swim from Mr Carp – you’ve only got to sniff them.

Hot Chorizo has a punchy smoked sausage profile, and a hot, salty, rich peppery taste.

Complimenting any savoury bait you can use it on boilies, pellets, spod mixes, loose feeds and hook baits.

It’s a useful soak too, to ensure you’re continually releasing food signals in your swim. And it contains valuable antioxidants, vitamins, and essential ‘aminos’.

Liquid G.L.M. Extract is New Zealand green lipped mussel extract – one of the most effective carp and coarse fish attractants – in liquid food form.

Boasting a deep, rich, natural green lipped mussel taste and aroma, enhanced with natural sugars and fish protein it’s another year round bait additive.

Back by popular demand there’s also CC Moore’s Red Venom. A highly successful rich, sweet, natural red pepper based liquid food already known to stimulate a strong feeding response.

Whether you use it as a boilie mix ingredient (30 ml per kilo will work for all these foods) or for coating boilies, pellets and hook baits or as a spod mix additive it can only help on the attraction front.

The new trio are all PVA friendly, so useful for those bag and stick mixes. And as well as being hugely attractive to carp, will also appeal to the likes of barbel and chub and other species.

When you consider how much you are using, they’re cost-effective additives too.

Price: £10.99 (500ml)