CAN any carp angler match Jim Shelley for consistency in catching the biggest fish in the country? This fish is further proof of the credentials of the man's incredible knack... not to mention commitment and skill.

The impressive catch meant carp guide and author Jim Shelley managed to notch up the final member of the ‘A-Team’ he was after from Bayeswater syndicate lake in Essex.

It’s known as the Coconut Common and fell to Jim at a top weight of 48 lb 12 oz.

Carping Re-Cut author Jim, who has now had 58 pukka UK 40-pounders, from Colchester, used a Proper Carp Baits Blackseal hardened hookbait.

This was tipped with 12mm Pineapple & N-Butyric pop ups fished over Black Seal freebies.

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