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Spencer Wright

SPENCER WRIGHT was invited by friends to visit the beautiful Ashmead Fishery in Somerset and scored with the stunner known as ‘Moonscale’ at 46 lb 4 oz.

Isle of Wight-based Spencer targeted a small hole in extensive weedbeds where he had seen signs of fish. The 43-year-old senior designer fed little and often basis, offering Sticky Baits double 15mm Boosted Krill Bottom Bait boilies.

He added: “Amazingly, after the take the fish kept coming and sailed through all the weed in front of me and was in the net after two minutes.”

Dan Adams

DAN ADAMS enjoyed a highly productive 48-hour session at Yateley, Surrey when he landed carp of 31 lb, 25 lb 39 lb and 32 lb, topped by this fine 39 lb 10 oz mirror. Bridgwater, Somerset-based Dan used Sticky Baits Krill freezer boilies over a large bed of boilies and hemp.

Mark AyliffeJPG

FISHING just 3 ft out, Mark Ayliffe tempted this 35 lb 14 oz mirror on a day session at his local Elstow Pit 1. The 50-year-old carpet cleaner from Houghton Regis,

Bedfordshire, found fish feeding on another angler’s bait who had left that morning. He lowered in a Sticky Baits Krill bottom bait and struck five minutes later.

Steven Cooke

STEVEN COOKE nailed the biggest known resident of a midlands stillwater, this 38 lb 4 oz mirror, part of a three-fish haul during a six-night session. The 39-year-old tiler from Leicestershire used a white Manilla pop-up over whole and crumbled baits at 40 yards on the side of a shallow bar.

Darren White

DARREN WHITE tempted this 35 lb 14 oz linear on a short session at the beautiful Milton Abbas Lake in Dorset.

Targetting lilies where he spotted feeding fish, Darren quietly flicked a light-leaded hinged stiffy rig 20 yards to the other side of the coloured water, complete with a CC Moore Pacific Tuna Corkball and a few pitfalls of Pacific Tuna freebies. Darren preceded the catch with a stunning 21lb 4 oz mirror.

Ed Betteridge 2

ED BETTERIDGE enjoyed a memorable session with the family in Northamptonshire and in 48 hours caught commons over of 30 lb, 32 lb 6 oz, 35 lb 8 oz (pictured) and 36 lb 8 oz. These included three of the six biggest fish in the lake. The media manager for Greys and Chub, from Derbyshire, cast into weed with Mainline Hybrid boilies.

alex maguire-smith

ALEX MAGUIRE-SMITH smashed his PB after stalking the mirror known as ‘Gurm’ that weighed in at 51 lb, from his local Fryerning Fisheries Main Lake.

The 24-year-old landscape gardener from Harlow in Essex revealed: “I watched the fish patrol past a silty area ten feet from the bank numerous times, then placed the rig when it was gone, and the magic happened shortly after.”

Alex tempted the giant using Baitcraft Bank Bugg Super K boilies soaked in Super K Hemp Oil, with a helicopter hinged stiff rig. Sam Mee

WITH a week off work, Sam Mee went to the southern big pit where he had been building up an area for a few weeks. His confidence was boosted after seeing fish and on the first night he landed a lovely mirror of 28 lb 8 oz on a hardened CC Moore Pacific Tuna hook bait.

Sam said: “After that it was difficult as the fish were spending their time in the weed, but on the final morning I landed this stunner known as ‘Clive’ at 41 lb 12 oz. This is a fish I had seen spawn this year and one I dearly wanted!”


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