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Keith Mann jumped at the chance to fish for 48 hours at big carp venue Fryerning Fisheries Main Lake in Essex… and he landed this stunning mirror of 43 lb 8 oz.

The 42-year-old floor layer from Ipswich, Suffolk, fished a Mainline Cell boilie at 80 yards over a scattering of baits on a Korda size 6 Krank hook to a Mouthtrap soft silt 15 lb hook link and Touchdown line.

Keith revealed: “It is a new PB. It fell while on a guest ticket of my great mate Bertie who has been fishing the lake for over 18 years.”

Paul Cooper

Paul Cooper soaked his boilies in a dip to fool this 41 lb 15 oz mirror in a 72-hour session from a Lee Valley pit. The 46-year-old plasterer from Lincoln fished Sticky Baits Manilla 16 mm shelf-life boilies soaked in Cloudy Manilla liquid at 30 yards over light weed with 40 freebies.

Joe savage

A night on a remote stretch of the River Trent in Nottinghamshire turned into a blinder for Joe Savage when he tempted this PB carp of 20 lb 7oz, plus others of 17 lb 11 oz and 14 lb 8 oz. All the fish were caught on 3 Foot Twitch test baits of various kinds with a scattering of maples and boilies. The 29-year-old events beer engineer said: “At 6 am my centrepin reel was singing and I knew this was something else. For most of the fight I thought I was into a barbel, but my eyes lit up as I netted what was obviously a better carp.”

Kieran evans

Kieran Evans made the trip with his dad Mark down to the Kracking Carp Lake at Devon’s Anglers Paradise and caught this PB 46 lb 8 oz mirror. Aberdare, South Wales-based Kieran offered fake corn on the last day of his stay.

lee wheeler

Lee Wheeler took advantage of a predicted change of wind direction on a visit to West Stow Country Park, Suffolk, for this 33 lb 15 oz mirror. Setting up in an island swim on the very end of a south westerly wind, Lee scattered 15-18 mm CC Moore Pacific Tuna baits over a large area with the throwing stick, and used a hinge stiff rig complemented with a Tuna White 15 mm pop-up.

Chris Cox

An overnighter at RK Leisure’s Horton Church Lake in Berkshire produced this 44 lb mirror for Chris Cox, using a Sticky Baits frozen 16 mm Krill pop-up soaked in pure Krill liquid over 10-20 freebies. The 27-year-old heating installer from Ruislip, North West London fished five yards out in the margin in a clearing amongst some ribbon weed.

James Holyoak

James Holyoak baited heavily on a three-night visit to Linear Fisheries’ Oxlease Lake, Oxfordshire, and was rewarded with this PB 39 lb 4 oz mirror, plus others of 21 lb, 24 lb and 25 lb 2 oz, and a 12 lb ghostie. The 39-year-old driver from Leicester fed 3 kg maize, 3 kg hemp, 2 kg Manilla pellets and 2.5 kg of matching freezer boilies, and offered home-made Mainline Cell and blackcurrant balanced hook bait.

darren talent

On his first visit to a new venue, Darren Talent added 8 lb to his PB and broke the lake record with this unknown fish of 34 lb 4 oz mirror at Celtic Lakes at Lampeter in West Wales. He tempted the specimen on a 21 mm Dynamite pellet sprayed then glugged with Sticky Baits Manilla, using a size 6 Prologic long shank hook with a kicker to assist hooking potential.

Darren said: “On arrival I found a few gullies next to the reed bed on the island so decided to bait them up in the first 24 hours with about 40 Sticky Baits Manilla boilies every four hours, but as the venue was busy I thought it might pay off so kept the rods out of the water. On the last day I decided to fish the spots and instantly had a run resulting in a 16 lb fish, followed by a 19 lb linear then an awesome take peeling off line which I knew was a bigger fish.”

Paul Webber

Paul Webber fished Hollybush Lakes near Farnborough in Hampshire on a 24-hour ticket and landed this 23 lb 4 oz mirror known as Cluster, estimated to be between 48-50 years of age and one of the few remaining Donald Leney fish in the country. Local Paul found a silty channel between two weedbeds leading into a shallow area of water, and observing fish travelling along, he prebaited the spot at 4 am with Pilgrim Baits K2 and pellet. He then fished with K2 Melties hook baits fished with solid PVA bags.

Ross STarkey

Coking Farm’s Oak Lake in Dorset, produced the biggest fish in the lake at 35 lb 4 oz for Ross Starkey on a 24-hour ticket. Local Ross offered a CC Moore Tuna 15 mm boilie, feeding a handful of those and 8 mm trout pellets both soaked in L030 every cast, plus a small PVA bag of pellets threaded down the hook link.


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