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THE ten acre venue that produced Big Rig at a potential record 71 lb 4 oz has produced yet another 40 with Trio to Luke Vanes.

Luke visited the Shropshire syndicate water The Avenue run by RH Fisheries for a day session.

Coseley, West Midlands-based Luke said: “It was only a quick trip so I didn’t deed much. I used a Mainline Pineapple 12 mm balanced wafter over 10 mm Essential Cell and Active Hemp bag mix.”

JARED LEWINGTON moved into a corner after seeing some fish at St. Johns Lake on Oxfordshire’s Linear Fisheries and he was rewarded with this 32 lb mirror within an hour.

The 32-year-old engineer from Waverley, Devon, used Sticky Baits Krill boilies with a naked chod rig.

BEN HUTT didn’t weigh this pristine mirror from RK Leisure’s Horton complex but pounds and ounces don’t matter when they look as good as this.

Didcot, Oxfordshire-based Ben legered Sticky Baits Manilla boilies glugged in matching cloudy liquid.

CHRIS CONNAUGHTON won a game of ‘rock, paper, scissors’ with a mate to decide which swims they’d have at local day ticket water Furzebray Carp Lakes and was glad he did as he went onto mat this PB 37 lb mirror called Dropscale. The 28-year-old sales consultant from Bideford, Devon, also added others of 28 lb, 21 lb 12 oz and a low double using Sticky Baits Manilla boilies in the four-day session.

TEZ TAYLOR had an overnighter on a local mere to coincide with the recent ‘super moon’ and lunar event it brought him luck with this 30 lb 2 oz mirror.

The 32-year-old compliance manager from Atherton, Greater Manchester, fished a hard open water spot at 70 yards with a Sticky Baits Manilla White One pop-up fished over 2 kg of chops plus maggots.

ARCHITECTURAL technician Daniel Chandler tackled a Bedfordshire clay pit for the ‘King Of Elstow’ at 36 lb 2 oz.

Letchworth, Hertfordshire-based Daniel, 40, used a Sticky Baits Krill 16mm freezer bait over 2.5 kg of chops plus bloodworm pellets and pure krill liquid.

DT BAIT DEVELOPMENTS manager Neil Messenger used one of his own boilies to tempt this 45 lb 8 oz mirror called The Emperor from Essex’s Fryerning Main Lake.

Stanstead-based Neil, 44, said: “I’m well pleased with a fish I have dearly wanted for a long time.”

LEON SPRAGUE was chuffed with four fish to 34 lb 8 oz during a weekend at St. Johns on Oxfordshire’s Linear Fisheries as it hadn’t been fishing that well.

Wellington, Somerset-based Leon used CC Moore Pacific Tuna 10 mm boilies over matching freebies, maggots and hemp.

JOHN WELTON enjoyed the ‘super moon’ at Dorset’s Milton Abbas even more when he caught this 29 lb 2 oz mirror at 5 am right under it.

Southampton, Hampshire-based John used CC Moore Live System 15mm freezer baits soaked in roasted nut extract with 2 kilos of matching freebies and added a 17 lb 10 oz.


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