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GARY TAYLOR can only fish the lower River Thames about ten times a year as he lives on the Isle of Wight but made the most of his latest trip across the Solent to nab this 29 lb 11 oz mirror.

The 45-year-old forklift driver, from Sandown, fished a single boilie and had just the one run in a two-night stint.


LEE BUNDOCK was lucky enough to catch the largest of a Lea Valley pit’s big carp stock with this fish known as Cut Tail at 36 lb 10 oz.

The Hertfordshire 41-year-old added others of 22 lb, 28 lb 3 oz and 30 lb 12 oz.

He made sure his 6 in. 25 lb Tunskin hooklinks were straightened properly and his Mainline Cell wafter hookbaits were weighted perfectly before casts landed on a clean spot amongst weed.

Lee used 1 kg of boilies and 3 kg of particles after every one of his big carp.


JOHN CLARIDGE enjoyed a good summer on his syndicate lake but the four biggest carp eluded him until he matted this 46 lb 3 oz stunner.

Swindon, Wiltshire-based John 43, shop manager at the Tackle Den, added two others in 40 hours using Sticky Baits Manila boilies over three sizes of freebies at 60 yards to a small hole in a weed bed.


MECHANIC James Winter notched his third 40 of the season from Farriers Lake in Gloucestershire with this 45 lb common.

Castle Combe, Wiltshire-based James, 38, fished an overnighter and offered Sticky Baits Manila boilies over 2 kg of freebies at 70 yards.


JESS HALL had never caught a carp on a boilie before a trip to his local River Trent near Nottingham produced this PB 23 lb 2 oz common using a CC Moore Pacific Tuna offering.

The 43-year-old, from Calverton, fished into a weir on a standard bottom bait rig.


SUPPORT worker Greg Riand topped a super session on a local club water with the biggest fish in the lake at 39 lb 12 oz.

Long Melford, Suffolk-based Greg, 26, added others of 38 lb 10 oz, 33 lb 4 oz and 26 lb, using a Sticky Baits 16mm Krill boilies on a blowback rig.


LEE GRAVER had a good weekend at Lower Tamar Lake on the Cornwall-Devon border, landing seven carp including this stunning 27 lb 13 oz common.

Bude-based Lee legered Specimen Carp Baits boilies at 120 yards with West Country Leads.


DAN ADAMS couldn’t have wished for a finer-scaled carp than this 30 lb 4 oz mirror from a local estate lake.

Huntworth, Somerset-based Dan legered a Sticky Baits Manila boilie tipped with corn over matching freebies and Monster particles.



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