ANGLER'S MAIL magazine often get asked about British record fish. Here, online, is the coarse fish record list as it stands. Weights are in pounds, ounces and drams.

The list is run by the British Record Fish Commitee, and has come under scrutiny in the wake of some hefty fish not being claimed by the captors, and other claims being delayed for many, many months until ratification.

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21           1           0                    2006           Grahame King, Great Ouse, Adams Mill, Beds.


0           0           12                   1998           Dennis Flack, Barway Lake, Cambridgeshire.


0           4           9              1998           Dennis Flack, River Lark, Cambridgeshire.

BREAM  (common bronze)

22           11           0                  2012           Scot Crook, Ferry Lagoon, Cambridgeshire.

Scot Crook’s record-breaking bream was another Angler’s Mail magazine exclusive. It makes sense to keep top catches exclusive to the mag by emailing us:


BREAM (silver)

3        4       0                    2012    Gareth Evans, Mill Farm, Pullborough, Sussex.

BULLHEAD (Miller’s Thumb)

0           1           0              1983           R Johnson, Green River, Nr Guildford, Surrey.

CARP (mirror/common/leather)

68       1         0            2016      Dean Fletcher, Cranwells Lake, Wasing Estate, Berkshire

record carp

Dean Fletcher, who starred in Angler’s Mail magazine in January 2016, waited until June before the BRFC eventually ratified this 68 lb 1 oz record carp. A heavier carp, called Big Rig, was then caught from RH Fisheries in Shropshire in 2016 – but this was rejected by the BRFC as a ‘cultivated fish’ having been grown to a size near the record before being stocked. And in December 2017, the committee inspected Nigel Ludbrook’s claim for the carp record with his capture of the fish known as “Captain Jack” from Holme Fen Fishery at a claimed weight of 68 lb 8 oz. The claim could not be considered because the original scales tests performed by Norfolk Calibration Services, using weights traceable to National Standards, consistently indicated that the scale used to weigh the fish was overstating the weight by at least 8 oz. This means that the maximum weight which the BRFC committee could accept for this fish was below the current record of 68 lb 1 oz.


















4           10           0              2015           Michael James, Johnsons Lake, Surrey

4           10           0              2015           Stephen Frapwell, Johnsons Lake, Surrey

NB. DNA-tested claim remains open for crucian carp claims now at 4 lb 8 oz.

CATFISH (Bullhead, black)

1           3           1                   2001           K Clements Lake Meadows, Billericay, Essex.


62           0           0                    1997           Rich Garner, Withy Pool, Henlow, Beds.

NB. The list for Wels catfish closed on October 23, 2000 – no further claims considered. Several different catfish over 100 lb have now been caught in England.


9           5           0             2007           Andy Maker, Southern stillwater.


1           5           2               2002           Simon Ashton, River Wear, Co. Durham.


11           2           0                   1978           Steve Terry, Kingfisher Lake, near Ringwood, Hants


5           11           8                    1994           Dave Lewis, 6-acre Surrey stillwater pond.


44           8           0                     2006           Phillip Kingsbury, Horton Church Lake, Berks.
NB. List for grass carp closed October 31, 2007 – no further claims considered. Several different grass carp over 50 lb have now been caught in England.


0           5           0                      1990           D H Hull, River Nadder, Sutton Mandeville, Wilts.


0           0           13.5                      1998           J Sawyer, Whitworth Lake, Spennymoor, Co. Durham.

ORFE (Golden)

8           5           0                   2000           Michael Wilkinson, Lymm Vale, Cheshire.

8           5           0                   2018           Lawrence King, Newdigate Farms, Surrey.

Neill Stehen, often seen in Angler's Mail magazine, is the joint holder of the perch record along with Ken Brown, a former Mail Specimen Cup champion. Email your catch photos exclusively to:

Neill Stephen, often seen in Angler’s Mail magazine, is the joint holder of the perch record along with Ken Brown, a former Angler’s Mail Specimen Cup champion. Email your catch photos exclusively to:


6           3           0                  2011           Neill Stephen, Stream Valley Lakes, E. Sussex.

6           3           0                  2012           Ken Brown, Wilstone Reservoir, Hertfordshire.


Bigger pike have been logged in books, like The Domesday Book of Mammoth Pike, but few people dispute this 46 lb 13 oz fish as the British No.1.

46           13           0                   1992

Roy Lewis, Llandegfedd Reservoir, S. Wales.


0           14           2                     2003

Bill Rushmer (Angler’s Mail Where to Fish columnist), Tanyard Fishery, Sussex.


4           4           0                     2006

Keith Berry, Northern Ireland stillwater.

NB. DNA-tested claim officially remains open for roach claims now at 3 lb 12 oz having originally been set at 4 lb 3 oz or above. The one and only big redfin found to be a true big roach, by DNA testing, was caught twice by Duncan Charman in 2010, heaviest 3 lb 15 oz.


4           10           0                      2001

Simon Parry, Freshwater Lake, Co Armagh, NI

4           10           0                     2001

Simon Parry, Clay Lake, Co Armagh, NI

NB. DNA-tested claim remains open for rudd claims now at 3 lb 12 oz having originally been set at 4 lb 3 oz or above.


0           5           4                     1980

R J Jenkins, West View Farm, Cumbria

SCHELLY (Skelly)

2           1           9                      1986           S M Barrie, Haweswater Reservoir, Cumbria

STICKLEBACK (3-spined)

0           0           4                      1998           Dennis Flack, High Flyer Lake, Ely, Cambs


0  0           13           2005           Geoffrey Green, Windmill Fishery

15           3           6                 2001           Darren Ward, Sheepwalk big pit, Shepperton, Middlesex

WALLEYE (Pikeperch)

11           12           0                     1934     F Adams, Delph, Welney, Norfolk

NB. LIST CLOSED 31st OCTOBER 2007 – No further claims considered.

ZANDER (Pikeperch)

21           5           0                      2007      James Benfield, River Severn at Upper Lode


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