Everyone has that one funny story from their time on the bank, our popular pleasure fishing blogger Colin Mitchell has a whole heap of them! Read about some of the sights he's seen from fellow anglers and share your stories below.

SOMETIMES when you are out fishing you just have to laugh at the antics of some anglers.

Some of the things that follow might seem ridiculous but I swear they are true and have happened to me over the past few weeks…

Groundbait guru

Let’s start with the Groundbait Guru…but first a story from my very distant past as a very young inexperienced angler.

I used to go into the local tackle shot and soak up all the info I could and buy anything I could afford that could possibly help me catch more. It was obvious on a Friday night when the match anglers collected their stuff that groundbait was something I had to look into.

I bought this little package that looked like a bag of sugar and was off down the river the next day. I had great difficulty feeding the stuff until someone told me you had to mix the white breadcrumb with water! Now I point out I was very young and in those days there was very little info freely available to help would-be anglers.

Add water and mix it in by hand to give a stiff groundbait.

Back to last week and the Guru… yes you guessed, he ripped open his shiny bag of groundbait (complete with mixing instructions on the side I might add) and proceeded to try and throw the powder into the lake.

I honestly had to bit my tongue. What a clown! Unlike me as a boy this guy had all the gear and no excuse. I did think of going to offer advice but he didn’t look the welcoming kind and he was covered in groundbait!


Bread Head

Next up the Bread Head. Ace bait the old dough in all sorts of formats from paste through to flake and an excellent bait for catching off the top on those warms days. Except…you don’t feed floating crusts by the half-loaf load, and especially when there are ducks about.

Or to be honest there was one duck – until his mates heard the excited quacking as free feed was thrown into the lake by the handful, one after the other. Then there was a whole flock of ducks that got fatter really fast…

If you're all happy to simply bivvy up, then great - it could be a bargain break!

Bivvy boy

Now the Bivvy Boy! I was only there for a late evening session when he turned up and ferried gear from his car into the swim next to me, four trip loads in total.

I wasn’t worried as I would be gone in the next hour or so as it got dark – although I didn’t fancy him turning into Timmy Mallett and banging in pegs as I tried to catch from the margins.

Anyway, rod up first (even before landing net, which is fatal) then a few bits of gear sorted, his chair and some foot leg aching moments as he pumped up a giant airbed. Well he gave up after about ten minutes as he obviously wasn’t getting anywhere.

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Now to the bivvy which was obviously new and was pulled straight from its bag. I should have known from the luck on his face he didn’t have a clue…

The guy the other side asked if there were instructions. Nope. He offered to help. No thanks.

Ok, that saved me a job but what followed distracted me from my fishing as I was amazed at how many shapes this guy could create from just one bivvy package. And none of them were right!

Anyway having entertained us for some time and then given up he decided to move to the other side of the lake, carrying a half constructed bivvy.

Me? I was on my way back to the car as it was almost dark. Not the best scenario for getting yourself set for a night’s fishing…

Bait bandit

Blog MitchAnd finally this week onto the Bait Bandit. Ok, to be fair he didn’t want to steal any bait from me…when I heard he’d left various baits at home in a hurry to get fishing I felt sorry for him.

I offered him some of my various pellets and boilies. He was well happy, couldn’t thank me enough and had a massive smile on his face. I even told him he had a good swim and where the fish could be found. It is always nice to help out a fellow angler, especially one who is so grateful.

However…it did rather sour the situation when he shouted across the lake: ‘Useless these baits, haven’t had a bite on them.’

Well I did pal… it’s called sticking to what you are doing rather than casting all over the shop!


* We are sure you have plenty of funny stories from fishing trips too. Drop us a line and let us know about them. Some may appear in the magazine. Email to: anglersmail@timeinc.com