Regular AM blogger Colin Mitchell reveals how there is always more to learn in fishing, no matter how experienced you are.

SOMETIMES in angling you think you know quite a lot – then you get smacked over the head with a dead kipper to make you realise you never, ever learn all there is to know about fishing.

It happened to me last week… and not for the first time! I just knew luncheon meat would be the bait. And I was right. But I wasn’t as right as I could have been! Let me explain.

The targets were carp and bream with a few roach and rudd. All like a nice chew on some meat and I can’t remember the last time I failed to catch on the bait at this venue.

But here’s a very strange thing – I couldn’t get a bite on maggots, worms or pellets and corn only produced one fish. It had to be meat if I wanted to catch. But what made that a tough decision was that I had to fish the bait next to a feature and every time I missed a bite I had to unship 12.5 metres of pole.

That’s no big hardship if you have a nice clear push back or at a nice angle but it’s not good when you have a series of bushes and brambles behind you and the pole has to go high in the air to go over them and at an acute angle. Needless to say some baits came off even during shipping.

My meaty problem – and an unexpected solution

It didn’t matter whether I was hook mounting or putting on a hair, the meat didn’t stay on for more than one bite. I swapped and changed the above baits with no joy so just had to ride out the problem of hoping to catch on the meat and not have to ship back after a missed bite – which would of course not have been a problem had there been a fish on the hook every time!

Peperami would have been my good alternative and usually you can hair mount a section and have a number of fish on the same bait. Unusually for when meat is working the Peparami failed to buy a bite.

Now at the end of the session, as always, I had a word with those around me to try and help the anglers who hadn’t caught and find out myself how those who did net a few had tempted their quarry. You could have knocked me over with a peacock waggler when I spoke to the guy two swims to my right.

He’d caught on bacon! Not cooked of course – just as well otherwise I’d have had brown sauce out ready – but raw bits cut to hook size. He’d bought a whole tub of the stuff from his local supermarket and it had cost him just £1.

A cheap hook bait fished over pellet and of course bacon does not come off the hook as easily as luncheon meat. Guess who is off to the local Asda for his next supermarket bait shopping trip…


Bankside idiots

I think most people who read this blog on a regular basis agree with me about the bankside idiots, the ones we would rather not see on the bank.

You remember the ones; Lenny Litter Lout, Timmy Mallet Man, Sid the Stamping Foot, Billy ‘Plenty of Volume’ Bite Alarm; add the Shouting S***heads… sorry family mag, so you will have to work that out for yourself!

Blog MitchWhy do kids – ok and some adults – have to shout around the pond what they have caught/are doing/ask silly questions?

Oh, and not only was it a handful of kids on their own, their dad/minder was with them and never said a word! He just sat there and let them bellow out around the lake. Why?

I wondered why the guy along from me never said a word back – I’ve seen him before on the bank and also heard him when he doesn’t hold back to tell Chavs what he thinks of them. But he sat silently. Didn’t move other than to cast or net a fish. At the end of the day I realised why he hadn’t risen to the occasion. He’d had his iPod headphones plugged in for the whole time…


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