Angler's Mail features editor Richard Howard, in this AM HQ blog, puts YOU on the spot to ask you what your favourite fishing method are. You've got a choice of any method, and any species. Click on the share items above to see what your mates prefer too and comment below.


AS an angler I’d class myself as a bit of an all-rounder, but big fish definitely ‘flick my switch’.

And one of the bonuses about working on the Mail is that you get to hear about all the going methods.

I’m going to put you on the spot now – and your fishing mates – hopefully. What are you favourite methods? Given the choice and the chance of that session to remember, what species would you want to catch and on what method? Carp on zigs, maybe you like to stalk them? A ton-up, double ton-up bag, on the Method? Or maybe a bit of long trotting for chub up to your chest in water? We’re talking any species…

Here are my favourites; I’m keen to see what methods make you tick the most. I bet you’re different to your mates so remember to share this with them.


Floater feeder-3



1. FLOATER FISHING. You can’t beat close to medium range floater fishing for carp. Getting them going on top, singling one out and getting it competing enough to drop its guard enough to slurp down the one bait that matters. Then you’ve still got to set the hook – not pull the whole lot out of its mouth!


2. STALKING. Again a visual approach be it on a lake or river. Watching fish like barbel coming out from the snags and grazing on a gravel run you’ve baited. Lowering a hook bait in, without spooking them, and then watching as one returns from the cover and makes a beeline for your pellet special or lobworm. Heart stopping stuff.


Parley chub-7

A big chub is hooked, on the trot.


3. TROTTING. Whether you’re trotting maggot or bread flake for chub, even small livebaits down a big river for zander. It’s a positive, direct and active, searching method. And you’ll get a feel for where the float is likely to bury. Then there’s the anticipation of what’s going to be on the end. I don’t do enough of it, but I love it.


4. SINK AND DRAW FISHING. It seems so simple, a deadbait on a wire trace with maybe two or three swan shot squeezed on for some extra casting weight. Flick it out to search all the pike’s hidey holes and wobble it back waiting for a ‘strike’. It’s a deadly, effective method for the next few months. Use 30 lb-plus braided main line so you can feel exactly what’s going on.


Lure - Main

5. LURE FISHING. Travelling light, covering lots of ground with a few favourite lure patterns for the likes of pike and perch. Not only will you cover a lot of water, it goes without saying you’ll cover a lot fish too. It’s a great way of building up knowledge of where fish on your target water like to hold up. And when that take comes, especially just off the rod tip on a short line with a spray of water, its heart pounding stuff. Check out Mail lure ace Andy Black with this toothy lure caught predator.


6. ROLLING OR TRUNDLING. If you’ve never tried it for species like barbel and chub, give it a go. You’re basically trundling a hookbait along the bottom, down a river run, just like a freebie – you couldn’t get a more natural presentation. Braided mainline coupled with plasticine or some SSGs, six inches from a hook baited with a ragged lump of luncheon meat are all you need. Add just enough weight to allow your hookbait to trundle along the bottom and keep in contact with the rig at all times. You feel the braided line for bites, which can vary from a ‘tremble’ to a ‘rod wrencher’!




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