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WHAT a fantastic few weeks of weather we’ve had lately – and it may not be perfect for targeting a lot of UK species but it’s spot on for some sport with the river-dwelling rudd in the East Anglian Fens.

Uniquely, a certain network of rivers and drains in the flatlands of the East contain copious amounts of specimen Scardinius– more so than any other waterway in the country.

You might remember Gary Newman’s Angling Adventures piece in the magazine from a few weeks ago featuring Mail man Ben with a fine brace of river rudd.some cracking rudd from this area.

They just seem to thrive in the weedy, slow-moving rivers and clean Fenland water, plus the fact that I’ve seen a pleasing dearth of cormorants and mink lately has to be a good sign.

In a few evenings’ fishing with fellow river addict Andy Loble we’ve had some great sport with lots of rudd over 1 lb. Bearing in mind that this is a wild river, I reckon any roach or rudd over 1 lb is a nice fish and they’re stunning specimens in their gold coats and crimson fins.

The winning method has been a small puddle-chucker-style Drennan Crystal waggler with a light 3 lb (0.14 mm) Drennan Supplex hook link to a size 10 or 12 Super Specialist hook with a large piece of flake or crust and no shot down the line. Feed is liquidised and chopped up bread crust with a dash of Hinders Supreme Cream Slime to cloud up the water and add scent.

We’ll walk the river until we find some rudd showing on the surface, feed some small pieces of crust and crumb and wait until the better fish show themselves by taking the bread, rolling or swirling at the baits before casting. Working in a team means one can distract the ducks and swans – who approach anyone with a slice of bread in their hands as though they’ve not eaten for months, greedy beggers!  – whilst the other concentrates on the rudd.

As you can see from the pics, both Andy and I have had some nice wild rudd using these tactics, so long may the fine weather and sunny days continue. In the past couple of weeks I’ve caught nearly all my carp and rudd off the surface, which has been great fun and something that wouldn’t have been possible in last summer’s deluge.

Andy Loble with a near-2 lb rudd that couldn’t resist a piece of crust soaked in Hinders Supreme Cream.

With more hot weather this week, it’s a great opportunity to get out there and find some fish feeding on the top on your local waters.

A few small items of terminal tackle, Polaroids, bread and a float rod set-up is all you need and seeing a big rudd take your crust off the surface like a small carp is a unique experience. The big ‘uns even slurp at bits of bread like carp too!


Relaxing at home with the Korda boys – on DVD!


Talking of carp, I sat down to watch the latest instalment of the Korda Underwater series– number eight – at the weekend. At over three-and-a-half hours long, it took a couple of sessions to get through both DVDs but there are some great moments caught on camera, including the capture of two 40 lb-plus carp and several smaller samples.

Tom Dove lands a carp for the cameras in the latest Korda Underwater DVD.

Shot in HD on day ticket St Johns Lake in Oxfordshire, it follows on from part seven but has a bit more variety in terms of different rigs and approaches to catching carp on camera.

One particularly interesting sequence demonstrates just why the famous hinged stiff rig usually picks out the bigger carp.

Pleasingly, the fish trip up on a number of different approaches, demonstrating that the best rig and bait is often one that you have confidence in already. Present it correctly in the right place and you’ll soon have a one on your mat.

It’s out now priced at £19.99 for the double DVD set and it’s certain to sell shed loads. Check out the trailer at the bottom of this page.

Tell the misses that you have a three-hour film featuring an all-male cast of rugged sporting types getting wet and slimy for the evening’s entertainment and you might persuade her to ditch the soaps for a few hours…

Tight lines and wet nets,





WORLD CHAMPS – The England Ladies team took gold at the World Championships last weekend with an amazing final-day performance to earn top spot. Well done to all involved.

SOUND ADVICE – Ian Welch’s detailed study of how sound effects fish in this week’s mag is a must-read. Fishery scientist Ian knows his stuff and his revelations will help you catch more fish.




MONEY MATTERS – On the subject of the England Ladies team, it still amazes me that they have to raise a lot of their own funds to compete. More credit to the team for doing so, but surely there must be a big tackle company or similar who can afford to sponsor such a prestigious team? With all the gazillions spent on sponsored anglers and ‘consultants’, there must be a share of the pie for these world-beating anglers in someone’s budget.

BEWARE – Con artists posing as EA officers and trying to levy on-the-bank fines. See this week’s mag for the full report and be on your guard – always ask to see an officer’s ID and credentials.







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